Keep Blogging Simple: Work With Content You Already Have

Content can be intimidating. On many projects, I’ve simply mentioned starting or managing a blog to a client and have received immediate pushback. The most common response: “I don’t have time.” I get it. There are so many blogs out there. They require commitment. Take me for example, I initially had big plans for the blog of my own business, but they were quickly overshadowed by client demands.

I think this is common for most small to medium size business owners. When you are busy serving and working - how can you prioritize talking about it and blogging? How can you stay consistent? As someone who has blogged in some shape or form since 2007, I have a few tips to share.

  1. Keep It Simple: Sure, could you blog every day? Of course. Do you have to do so? Absolutely not. I try and work with my clients to develop at least one strong post per week. Two is ideal, but one is great. This keeps the content fresh for viewers, it gives you something new to share to your customers and on your marketing channels, and keeps the content active and updated when it comes to search engines.

  2. Keep It Stress-Free: Did you miss a week? It’s ok. Simply write and publish a blog post when you can. If you position the blog as a source of stress, it’s going to make it even harder to keep up with as it will feel like a chore - rather than a creative way to engage current and potential clients or customers.

  3. Work With What You Have: Common worries when it comes to a blog: what if I don’t have anything to talk about? What if I can’t keep up with it? Who is going to manage it? What if no one reads it? Don’t let any of these questions stop you from trying. There’s a strong chance that you already have content out there that can be easily translated into a blog format and/or great ideas that will make quick and easy blogs. What are you most passionate about? What do your customers seem most excited about it when it comes to your services? What captions have you been sharing on social media? Can any of those be translated or expanded into longer form copy?

    Time and return always has to be taken into consideration with any business owner. When it comes to a blog, if you don’t overcomplicate it, don’t place too much pressure on it, and expand on ideas you already have - it’s an easy way to share, engage, and communicate with your audience.